St. Paul’s welcomes all to attend any of our ministries!  Come and enjoy worship, classes, youth activities, and children’s events.  Membership is not a requirement to enjoy the friendship and support of others as we journey through life together!

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July 18
Food Truck Block Party & Open House

July 20
Summer Retreat 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

July 23
Summer Playgroup (Deer Lakes Spray Park) 12:00 pm

July 24
Summer Bible Study (Temple Ohav Shalom) 10:00 am

August 4-9
MIDHI Surf City

August 6
Summer Playgroup (Kid’s Castle Playground) 12:00 pm

August 20
Summer Playgroup (North Park Black & Gold Playground) 12:00 pm

September 8
Fall Kickoff