Drop-In Child Care

Welcome to St. Paul’s Drop-In Child Care!


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: When registering children for Child Care, please register each child individually.  Do not combine information for more than one child in a registration.  Completely finish each registration and start over for each child.

Registration for children of all ages is currently full. A Wait List Registration is available, pleae register carefully and indicate your child’s age group as of today. Click here to be placed on the wait list.

Who We Are

St. Paul’s Drop-In Child Care is a weekday ministry program of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, founded in 1972. Our mission is to nurture and provide care for all the needs of the children in a loving and sensitive manner while they are in our midst and to assist and encourage families of these children as well.

Open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, Drop-In Child Care provides a secure environment for children aged 6 weeks through preschool age (typically, 5 years of age).  At Child Care, children are given the opportunity to learn how to interact with others their age, as well as with staff members.

For children aged 6 weeks to about 24 months, there is a separate area commonly termed “Babyland” where individual attention is given. Staff members are present with the children in this area at all times, and the children are given naps, meals and playtime according to the schedule of the parents.

For the older children and those younger ones who are steady walkers, the rest of the play area becomes open.  Toys of many kinds are available to play with, as are an array of age-appropriate books.  Staff members are on hand every day to both supervise the children’s playtime as well as assist children in their creative thinking and expression.  Playtime is a valuable tool for children to enhance their cognitive development skills.

We offer a safe, relaxed environment by providing flexible and challenging opportunities to grow and learn in a supportive setting that exemplifies Christian values.  Every day is filled with art, stories, singing, and play time! Please stop by any time to see for yourself.  The St. Paul’s Drop-In Day Care is the place to learn, play, and grow!

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call Mary Polley, Drop-In Child Care Director, at 412-486-4595.


Child Care Registration

All children must be registered each school year beginning in September before using the Child Care.  Registration fees are $35.00 for one child, $45.00 for two children, or $60.00 for three or more children.  These fees are non-refundable and a child will not be considered registered if the fee has not been paid.

The state mandates that the child care has on file a completed Emergency Contact/Parental Consent Form, Current Child Health Assessment, and an Agreement Form.  These forms must be completed before your child can be enrolled.  Please complete the forms completely (all boxes must be filled in).  The Health Assessment form must have the date of the child’s most current well care health assessment and a doctor or licensed nurse practitioners’ signature; immunizations records must also be attached.  To see the aforementioned forms, click here.



St. Paul’s Drop-In Child Care operates Monday – Friday from the end of August through the end of July.  The hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  The days that we are closed are according to the area school calendars. 

We are closed the month of August.  


Hourly Fees

The following are the hourly fees for enrolling your child/children in St. Paul’s Day Care:

  • $5.25/hour per child over 2 years
  • $5.70/hour per child 12-24 months
  • $5.80/hour per child 6 weeks to 12 months.

Minimum charge of one hour.

Note: As of September 1st, the hourly fees for St. Paul’s Drop-In Child Care will go up:

  • $6.30 per hour/6 weeks – 1 year
  • $6.20 per hour/1 year – 2 years
  • $5.75 per hour/2 years and older


Program Philosophy and Goal


We believe that all young children can benefit from a developmentally-appropriate program designed to help them reach their full potential. We believe that each child is unique, special, and capable of learning.  St. Paul’s staff strives to provide each child with skills and self-confidence they need to succeed.


Contact Information

1965 Ferguson Road

Allison Park, PA 15101

Phone: 412.486.4595

Fax: 412.486.8801

Web site: www.stpaulsumc.com

E-mail: mpolley@stpaulsumc.com


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