Wedding Agreement Miko Mall

The event was filled with various activities, namely the Hena Contest, the Wedding Makeup Contest, the Fashion Show, and the talk show. , Revlon Best Makeup Award, “In this event were also presented products of the wedding dress by sellers and sponsors” Putri said with her husband Setiawan, who is also the founder and owner of Azwan Wedding. To make this event a success, Azwan Wedding collaborated with NRP Organizer as an organizing partner. As a company engaged in The Tatarias Bride, Azwan Wedding and gallery, which is located in Jalan Mahmud Desa Rahayu Kecamatan Margaasih, continues to actively develop the potential realized by participating in various events. Bandung, — The rehearsal for the success of Gebyar Wedding 2018, on December 14, Azwan Wedding and Gallery held a “Gebyar Wedding 2019” event at Miko Mall Jalan Kopo, Bandung Regency. Putri Santika Nurazizah as founder and owner of Azwan Wedding and Gallery said that Gebyar Wedding are activities to explore the potential of younger generations who have an interest in makeup and wedding dress. In addition, this activity is also a form of cooperation and partnership between companies in the field of wedding events. In addition, Putri and Setiawan stated that Azwan Wedding, in running their business, prioritizes comfortable and satisfactory service, always prioritizing quality and service and always keeping in touch with time. This activity was very good, as was the number of participants who were no less than 100 participants who participated in this activity.