Volvo Service Agreement

We introduce you to your personal service contact, who will answer any questions regarding your car and provide you with advice and actions if necessary. The Blue Customer Support Agreement offers preventive maintenance and inspections. Analytics tools and services such as CareTrack, Volvo Oil Analysis and MATRIS can be included to monitor your machine. With complete preventive maintenance through an agreed service plan, availability is assured and costs are known in advance. A payment covers service fees up to five years from you know exactly when your truck is due for maintenance and what is the cost of maintenance and repair. Your vehicles are kept in their optimal condition and offer you the best fuel efficiency. The core services included in each contract can be extended with a variety of options, allowing you to create a solution that exactly meets your specific needs. A convenient way to keep your truck in perfect condition. The Volvo Blue contract covers all preventive testing and maintenance. In addition, with the scheduling of connected services, we can adapt your maintenance schedule to the actual use of your truck and ensure that service visits are as efficient as possible. The Silver Customer Support Agreement offers the same actions as a Blue Contract as well as the execution of repairs on selected components. Thanks to the connectivity technology built into your truck, we can plan your workshop visits based on your mileage and the wear and tear of key components.

So you can avoid potential problems before they happen, while still having more time on the road, better cost control, and more safety. Discover our service contracts and find the best solution for you and your operation The popular Volvo Blue Contract is a program of inspections and regular services for the maintenance of your vehicle, in accordance with Volvo`s recommendations. Your Volvo Trucks dealer on site has the answers. Pass or call them to put your service plan into practice. With a Volvo service contract, you can own a simple and comfortable vehicle at a fixed rate. You know exactly when your vehicle needs to be serviced and what the maintenance cost is. We understand that availability and cost control are the key to your business success, which is why we have a flexible contractual offer focused on meeting your needs. Volvo service contracts are valid in all Volvo authorised garages….