VBS Volunteers and Donation List

Volunteers Needed for VBS

Erin Soza, Director of Children’s Ministries
esoza@stpaulsumc.com, 412-486-7006-17

Please e-mail or call Erin Soza if you are able to donate time or supplies to VBS.  Share which items you would like to donate.  You will get an e-mail reply back.  Every effort will be made to keep the following listings up to date.  If your donation has already been given you will be notified.  Please wait for a reply before you purchase anything.  Thank you so much for your willingness to serve and give.

Donation of Volunteer Time

Please offer your prayers for the many children, families and volunteers who attend and contribute to VBS.  

Donation Needed for Science Supplies

Plastic buckets-25,  Plastic Cocktail Cups- 200( Plastic cups that flute out at top)

Donations Needed for Snack

8 oz. Paper Cups- 300