Ucop Collective Bargaining Agreements

Below are details of current negotiations and existing employment contracts with each bargaining unit. Select your bargaining unit below for more information. 1. A mutually agreed form for the choice of union membership “MEF” (Annex E) is made available to all new ASDs, while new employee payroll information (e.g. B forms W-4 and I-9) will be made available to THE ASE. 2. In the event that an ESA has already filled in new staff information (e.g. B Forms W-4 and I-9), the university submits a UAW Local 2865 Membership Election form at the time of ASE recruitment into the bargaining unit. 3. The university will collect all signed forms in the original within 10 business/business days of receipt of the completed form and return them to the UAW. ASE`s can also return MEFs to the union. 4. The university will not prevent staff from completing the form or becoming a member of the UAW.

1. On each campus, the University will compensate, including eligible fees and GSHIP discounts, for an RTD appointment (40 hours/week) (GSHIP fees and orders cannot be paid for more than 2 TSA per mandate) as a member(s) of the UAW Negotiating Committee to participate in system-wide negotiations for two (2) terms during negotiations. In the event that hearings are ongoing during the summer sessions, one (1) duration for the purposes of compensation shall be two successive 6-week summer sessions or equivalent meetings. Members of the UAW Bargaining Committee are granted an exemption period paid for the remainder of the negotiations, no later than the expiration date of the contract, unless otherwise agreed by the parties. It is permissible for the university to prevail in the summer an allowance (up to 100%) instead of a semester or academic term to meet the requirements of this section. 2. Persons who receive compensation in accordance with Section 1 above must be on campus for the duration of the negotiation. 3. The members of the Bargaining Committee shall be compensated in such a way as not to incur any loss or to obtain a profit in relation to their current or recent appointment of the ASE on campus or to the highest rate of appointment to an ASE position in the career of the ASE on campus.

In cases where an ASE would normally progress on the basis of campus procedures, the highest rate would be paid. .