St. Paul’s Neighborhood

St. Paul’s Neighborhood Video Series

Although we’ve been apart, we are still a united community serving together.  The following videos will introduce you to some amazing people that work, volunteer, visit and prepare ministry for you and the community at the neighborhood we call St. Paul’s.



Episode 2: Ann Cadman, Prayer List

Ann Cadman volunteers with St. Paul’s Prayer List.

Click on the image to learn more about Ann Cadman and the power of prayer.  Learn how to seek prayer when you are in need and when you can offer prayers to others as requested.

Episode 1: Rich McClure, Custodian

Rich McClure is the full time custodian at St.Paul’s.

Click on the image to learn more about Rich McClure and the custodial staff at St.Paul’s along with some interesting facts about the St. Paul’s neighborhood.


Look for future episodes and meet others in St. Paul’s Neighborhood.

Episode 3: Alaine Fink, Organist
Episode 4: Joyce Hoellein, The Daily Bread Meal Ministry
Episode 5: Sherry Shu: St. Paul’s Library
Episode 6: Bob and Cindy White: NoMIC (No Mission Impossible Club)