Preschool Staff


DIRECTOR: Laurel Webster
TREASURER: Kathy Hamilton

2019-2020 Teaching Staff

LAVENDER CLASS (2 Day/2 Year Olds)
Mary Stephenson, Michelle Brown, Erica Stanton 

GREEN CLASS (2 Day/3 Year Olds)
Sharon Sawl, Sherri Zavasky, Danielle Barie

RED CLASS (2 Day/3 Year Olds)
Stephanie Aloi, Natalie Ferrante, Ann Cummings-Krause
TURQUOISE CLASS (3 Day/3 Year Olds)
Sandy Mencini, Trisha Webb, Carrie Oshe

YELLOW CLASS (3 Day/4 Year Olds A.M.)
Sheila Cauley, Stephanie Spinelli, Erica Stanton

ORANGE CLASS (3 Day/4 Year Olds A.M.)
Sharon Sawl, Sherri Zavasky, Ann Cummings Krause

BLUE CLASS (3 Day/4 Year Olds P.M.)
Sheila Cauley, Cherly O'Malley, Carrie Osche

PURPLE CLASS (4 Day/5 Year Olds)
Michelle Brown, Stephanie Aloi, Ann Cummings Krause

GOLD CLASS (5 Day/5 Year Olds)
Stephanie Spinelli,  Mary Stephenson, Danielle Barie
Natalie Ferrante

Beth Huwe


Gretchen Homison
Mary Stephenson
Laurel Webster

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