Philhealth Non Disclosure Agreement Annex E

C. When using rehabilitation benefits (3rd instalment) . . . . B. When requesting the installation of auxiliary equipment and mobility training (2nd tranche) C. For patients with mortality and “lost consequences” (as an appendix to The Claims of Unit 2, if services have been provided). .

one. When requesting an initial assessment by a specialist (1st instalment). . B. When requesting initial assessment by a rehabilitation therapist/Allied Health Professional (2nd instalment, if applicable) When applying for reimbursement: Post-Surgery Phase I-II (low risk) – (single slice) A. When requesting evaluation, prescribing, casting and measurement of the auxiliary device (1st tranche) 1. Regarding the use of the slice, post-surgery phase II (high risk) – III 1. In case of use of Unit 1, Rectum Cancer Preoperative Clinical Stage I with Postoperative Pathological Stage II – III B. When requesting a refund of the next tranche.