Music & Worship Ministries

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Tom Taylor, Director of Music and Worship Ministries; (cell) 412-417-8283


St. Paul’s Music Ministry

Awake, my heart, arise my tongue, prepare a tuneful voice;

in God the life of all my joys, aloud will I rejoice!  The Sacred Harp, 1844


As we begin a new season of praising our God, we invite all to use their God-given gifts and talents to join in the music of praise!

Come, use your talents and “inspire our community of faith to deepen their worship, grow in discipleship, and reach out to others.”

Not only will you bless others, but you will receive blessings of fellowship, shared ministry, and helping others find God.

New singers, ringers, and instrumentalists are heartily welcomed to join us as we sing, ring, and play praises to God!

Click on the link below to find details about Music and Worship opportunities for Adults, Youth, and Children!

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