Sponsorship Information for HOHO Orphans

School Sponsorship Program for Orphans in Zimbabwe

The Nyadire Connection is a group of volunteers that has a passion to support the people of Nyadire, Zimbabwe during these difficult times.  Our objective is to maintain an ongoing relationship with the people who live and work at the mission and to provide needed supplies and equipment to sustain operations primarily of the hospital and the orphanage.
During our travels to the United Methodist Mission in the rural area of Nyadire, Zimbabwe, over 500 children have been identified as orphans.  This shockingly high rate is not unusual, as ¼ of all children in this country are orphaned. Some are with extended family, some are living on their own in their homesteads and villages, and some are leading their own households and are parenting their younger siblings.

Going to school is a source of hope for them as they try to make sense of their lives.  However, school is not free, and uniforms are mandatory.  The schools that they attend are community and government schools in the Nyadire catchment area.

$60.00 per year will pay for a student’s fees and a uniform.

Components of our program:

  1. Donate $60.00 per year for school fees and uniform
  2. Pack a backpack of school supplies
  3. Be a pen pal with your sponsored orphan
  4. Find a personal connection to this land!


The Nyadire Connection Contact people:

Tom Greway: St. Paul’s UMC, Home Of Hope Outreach to Orphan’s Coordinator tennistom@aol.com

Home of Hope Projects mbzollars@aol.com

I am interested in becoming a sponsor of an orphan for their schooling:

Please contact Tom Greway with your name, address and phone.

Check:         St. Paul’s UMC

Memo:          Home of Hope Outreach

Send to:       St. Paul’s United Methodist Church

1965 Ferguson Road

Allison Park, PA 15101

Backpacks:   The Nyadire Connection collects them and ships them.  Contact Tom Greway.

Thank you for sponsoring a school child!