Gardening Team

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St. Paul‘s Gardening Team

Purpose: To provide an attractive outside environment at St. Paul’s with a wide variety of plants and groomed landscapes.

Mission: The Gardening Team will use the experience and expertise of its members to design, plant, and maintain self-sustaining outdoor spaces.

Vision: St. Paul’s members and visitors will experience a welcoming, relaxing, and nurturing outdoor environment that celebrates God’s creation.

Ways to be involved:

  1. Contact a Gardening Team member to express your interest in assisting with garden care and planning:

Kathy Grajcar –   Carol Rodgers –

  1. Assist with maintaining established gardens by watering and/or weeding.
  1. Assist with seasonal garden activities such as:

Spring – cleanup, mulching, planting flowers, pruning, weeding

Summer -deadheading flowers, watering, weeding

Fall – cleanup of flower beds, and pruning plants, shrubs and trees

  1. Complete a garden project to fulfill community service school requirements and receive a written recognition from St. Paul’s Gardening Team.

Meeting time: We will meet annually in the spring. The date and time of the meeting will be announced.

Resources: We use a Maintenance Guide Book which describes specific care required for the gardens, perennial plants, shrubs, and trees. We will establish a plan for future plantings and will keep a pictorial progress log of the gardens.  

Skills needed: We welcome those who enjoy working and interacting with other St. Paul’s members, and who are willing to share ideas and individual expertise in the planning, implementation, and maintenance of the church grounds.


Rain Garden, Before and After


rain garden beforerain garden after