Faith Geer

Administrative Director

Hired April 2000

Faith petting a lion in Zimbabwe, July 2010

Grew up in North Canton, Ohio

Graduated Hoover High School, Ohio Wesleyan University, University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed



Kelly and Chris Williams live in Memphis, TN with their two pugs, Porter and Gabby

Nathan and Colby Croft, live in San Francisco, CA with Wally, an island dog

Natalie lives in Delaware, OH

Dog:  Brody, golden doodle

Best part of being at St. Paul’s:

Every day is unique!  St. Paul’s is like a big family to me.  Coordinating the various ministries is a daily challenge as every age level looks for ways to serve the community in the name of Jesus.   It is exciting to watch the ministries evolve and make our community a better place.