Intentional Acts of Holy Kindness

Throughout the summer, the Children’s Ministries will be hosting Intentional Acts of Holy Kindness, a special series of mission, outreach, and ministry projects.

3. Share a Story

St. Paul’s Intentional Act  of Holy Kindness: Share a Story Ministry
We would love to have our children who are comfortable readers start to read the stories that are shared on Sunday morning with each other. I have a bunch of books that have a message related to St. Paul’s Purpose Mission and Vision that could be read or if your child has a favorite book that we could make into a lesson, that’s a possibility too!
Please Sign up below if you child is interested. We have a few recording options. Your child can read aloud the audio at home and then we can video the pictures of the book and merge the 2 together. Your child could also schedule a time to be recorded.
After you sign up, you’ll be contacted and we can work out all the details.

2. Love Your Neighbor Day

St. Paul’s Intentional Acts of Holy Kindness: Love Your Neighbor Day!

July 12, 2020 between 2-4pm. St. Paul’s is celebrating Love Your Neighbor Day.
Love your Neighbor Day is part of St. Paul’s, Intentional Acts of Holy Kindness Project. We will be celebrating sharing love with all our neighbors by hosting a Drive- thru snack and beverage distribution. You can drive through and pick up treats for yourself and/or you can pick up treats to take to your neighbors elsewhere.

1. Card Project

Our first mission was to send a card to each and every person on our St. Paul’s mailing list.  During our time apart we’ve all been together in God’s love.  We want each and every person to be personally connected to each other with a simple greeting card.

If you received a card fron the Intentional Act of Kindness Project, please e-mail Carla Porterfield a selfie of you and your card.  We’ll post a slideshow of all the cards soon!

This video shares how we got started and we’ll soon share another video of the kindness extended!