Our purpose, mission and vision determine our ministry.  St. Paul’s Church Council combines the leaders from our various ministries and the supportive ministries.  Together decisions are made to help fulfill our purpose, mission and vision.

Church Council for 2019

Chair person                                        Amanda Greenland

Vice Chairperson                                Drew Miller

Secretary                                                Liberty Weyant

Supportive Ministries:

Trustees                                                Jason O’Toole

Finance                                                 Bill Matthews

Staff Parish Relations                       Bjorn Dakin


Children’s Council                            Nina Belcastro

Children’s Weekday Ministries      Amanda Dabbs

Youth Representative                      Joey Franz, Noah Lewis, Claire Majerac,                                                                   Luke Gunnett

Adult Council                                   Tom Greway

Stewardship                                       Janeen Atkins

Worship                                              Teresa Shepard

Technology                                         Robb Montgomery

Working for Justice                          Michael DiMonte

Annual Conference Delegates        Bjorn Dakin SPRC

                                                              Finance (TBD)

                                                              Rob Campbell

UM Women                                       Patty Cooknick

Lay Leader                                         Rob Campbell

At Large Members                          Shirley Zalakar, Michele Reiss, David Michael, Jim Bird, Bill Dennis, Becky Sienkom Laura Roth, Jeff Hathhorn

Administrative Director                   Faith Geer

Pastor                                                  Karen Slusser

Lead Pastor                                         Jeff Sterling