Overview of St. Paul’s


Since the time when John Wesley first gathered people together to worship, Methodists have been strong on organization!  Our “methodical” ways for worship, prayer and devotion are deeply rooted.  At the 1996 General Conference local churches were given permission to organize in a way that was most effective for them.  St. Paul’s accepted the challenge and the strategic planning team designed a new system for governing the congregation.

Although the process continues to evolve, we are currently using a model where the Church Council is the group that is accountable for all decisions.  Guided by the purpose, mission , and vision the Church Council meets monthly to focus on the needs of ministry.  The Church Council consists of leaders of the ministry teams, the support ministry teams and at-large members who are nominated by the Committee on Lay Leadership and elected at a Charge Conference (yearly meeting for official church business.)

Age-level groups manage our wide variety of ministries:  Children, ­Youth and Adults. Within each there are opportunities for spiritual formation, relationship building, as well as mission and outreach and social justice. Stewardship, the way we use our time, talent and treasure for God, is the foundation of our ministries as we seek to use our spiritual gifts for the further development of the kingdom of God.

The support ministries are the ones that help keep the basic structure of the church flowing smoothly.  The support ministry teams meet monthly to provide recommendations to Church Council about their specific area.  This portion of the ministry is divided as follows:

* Trustees, discuss issues related to the building

* Finance, discuss issues related to finance

* Staff Parish Relation Committee (SPRC), discuss issues relating to pastors and staff

Church Council develops the outcomes for ministry.  These outcomes in turn are passed on to the ministry teams and the support ministry teams to resolve the related issues to develop action plans which result in the wide variety of ministry options.  Our leaders use their gifts and talents to develop ministries that transform the world in the name of Jesus.  Over the years St. Paul’s has been guided by excellent leaders who are convince the future is in Christ and that St. Paul’s will become a broad-based community of faith ministering to all persons.

The Church Staff is dedicated to linking the resources of St. Paul’s to the ministry in ways that will be the most effective use of out time, talent and treasure. Our Leadership Team consists  of two clergy and four lay professionals.   The pastoral team focus is preaching, teaching,  and caring for the congregation.  The lead pastor develops the vision and oversees the entire ministry while the associate pastor focuses on congregational care and spiritual formation.

The lay professional staff ministers to the congregation within their area of expertise.  The Administrative Director develops the strategic plan, manages the staff and oversees the building operations.  The Director of Music and Worship Ministries organizes all the musical ministries including vocal, instrumental and bell choirs.  Worship services are compiled and written in conjunction with the pastors.  The Director of Youth Ministries coordinates youth ministry with music and worship support given by the Youth Music and Worship Specialist.  Our Director of Children’s Ministries coordinates ministries for children.  Our weekday ministries are co-ordinates by the Preschool Director, the Drop-In Child Care Director, and the Kidz Korner (Before and After School) Director.

Whenever something needs to get done efficiently, we turn to the administrative support staff!  Our administrative assistants divide the office work into specialty areas so that each week we are warmly greeted, have a room in which to meet, a clear bulletin to guide us, accurate congregational records, timely mailings, and a host of details too numerous to mention!  The finances are managed by a team that divides the process into bookkeeping and check writing, account management, and general overview.  We are indeed fortunate to have a talented and dedicated staff to help us create the environment that encourages all to become a disciple of Jesus.