Drop-In Day Care Important Information for Parents

Important Information for Parents


Parents who have their child/children enrolled here at St. Paul’s Drop-In Child Care should be aware of some key information, which is listed below.  In addition, as mentioned before, if you have any questions please feel free to contact the Director of the Child Care, Mary Polley.


When You Arrive at St. Paul’s

Please note that during COVID-19 pandemic parents will not be allowed in the building.

To ensure the safety of children in the parking lot, please obey the stop signs, drive slowly , and refrain from talking on your cell phone.  Also, never leave your child in the vehicle or leave your vehicle idling in the parking lot.

If your child is in preschool coats are to be placed in the appropriate hooks in the hallways.  All other coats are to be placed in the coat rack just outside the Child Care entrance.  Older children’s lunches are to be put in the refrigerator in the Craft/Lunchroom, and toddler and infant lunches are to be brought to the front desk.  Please fill in the daily sign-in sheet completely before dropping your child off.  The phone numbers listed on this sheet are the first numbers we will call if there is an emergency.  Please list any special instructions pertaining to the day at the top of the sheet as well.  Preschoolers who will come to the Child Care after classes will need to fill out a separate slip for preschool teachers.  Parents of infants will receive a special form so that the caregiver will have detailed instructions.  Please bring your child/children in to the Child Care Center.

Research shows that the best procedure for leaving your child is to kiss your child, say goodbye, and leave.  Yes, your child may cry, but we are capable of handling it. You can call later and check on your child.


Parents Are to Provide the Following:

All lunches, including beverages, for children must be provided by the parents.

PLEASE NOTE: Diapers and wipes will be provided by the child care. Rash Cream (if needed), and sunscreen can be brought in labeled with the Child’s name. We have additional clothing here if there is an accident.

Diaper bags should have:

  • One (1) complete change of clothes.
  • Rash cream (if needed) labeled with child’s name.
  • Sunscreen (Labeled) in the summer.

If your child is being potty trained, please pack a set of extra clothing and underwear in their bag.

Please do not have any medications-over the counter or prescription-in the bag.  If you must bring them that day, give them to the desk person and sign the medication log; this also includes epi-pens.  Also, please remove hand sanitizers from back packs and diaper bags, as this can be very toxic to children due to the high alcohol content.  Small toys, cell phones, checkbooks, etc. are also a hazard to the children and should be removed before arrival at the day care.


Children’s Personal Items


Please label all of your children’s belongings including bike helmets (for preschool), backpacks, coats, diaper bags, bottles, pacifiers, and lunchboxes.


Security System


For the safety of our children St. Paul’s has provided an automatic door locking system. To access the Child Care, a key fob is used to gain access. There is a one-time fee of $35.00 for the key fob. Additional fobs are available for $25.00 deposit. Upon your child’s “graduation” from the program we will give back $25.00 per fob returned to us. It is now required by the church to obtain a key fob, for the security of your child. You have 90 days from your last day to receive your deposit.


Picking Up Your Child/Children from Day Care

Please  pick up your child.  Children are released to the individual listed on the daily sign-in sheet.  If an individual arrives to pick up a child who is not listed, a phone call will be made to clarify to whom the child may be released.  If the person picking up the child is not the same person who brought him/her or is not familiar to us, identification will be required.  A good rule of thumb is to have all pick-up people bring their identification inside with them.

The fee can be paid on a daily or weekly basis, by check or cash, or credit card or Auto Deduct.  If paying weekly, Bills will be emailed on Friday evenings or over the weekend, payment can be made when you arrive the following week or you can pay using or PUSH PAY app (see Home Page).  Once the amount due exceeds $500.00 services cannot be provided, unless other arrangements with the director is made.

Your signature is required on the sign-in sheet upon departure to verify who has picked up the child.  The Child Care center has the right and is obligated by law to deny pickup if the person picking up appears to be impaired.  The Child Care will make other arrangement to have the child transported safely to their destination.  Child Care has a few car seats available in an emergency situation.  By law, no child can be released if no car seat is available.

Please do not allow children to play in the parking lot, there are always cars coming through the lot. If you would like to socialize please use the playgrounds (if school is not in session).

The Child Care center closes promptly at 5:00 PM

A fee of $1.00 per every minute beyond 5:05 p.m. is charged as a late fee.  If an emergency occurs and you will be late, please call the Child Care Staff at 412-486-4595, as this allows us to explain to your child that you are running late.  A phone call does not exempt the party from the charge of a late fee.  After 6 tardiness dismissal from the Child Care program will be discussed.



DURING COVID-19 Pandemic the child must be fever free for 72 hours.

If your child has been ill the previous 24 hours or has had a temperature, we ask that he/she NOT be brought to Child Care.  Children with a heavy cold should be kept at home to prevent infection of other children and staff.  Children must be fever-free (without Tylenol) for 24 hours before returning to Child Care.

A parent will be notified immediately if any child appears ill while in our care.

If your child is diagnosed with a communicable disease, please notify the Child Care Center.


Emergency Treatment

If an emergency situation occurs with your child, the Child Care will attempt to reach the parent or person designated on the daily form.  If necessary, we will meet the individual at the hospital.  In a life threatening situation, your child will be taken to UPMC Passavant unless the Hampton or McCandless Township emergency medical teams deems otherwise.  A staff person will accompany your child.


Outside Play

The Child Care has an enclosed play area with a variety of outdoor toys.  We take the children outside frequently, so please be sure your child has the appropriate LABELED outdoor wear.  Tie shoes and tennis shoes work best.  Please apply sunscreen before you arrive.  If sunscreen needs to be reapplied, a consent form needs signed and sunscreen (labeled with the child’s name) must be provided by the parent.  The appropriate form can be found on the “Important Forms” page.




A favorite blanket or cuddly toy is encouraged for a very young child (PLEASE LABEL). We have plenty of age-appropriate toys for older children.  Children should leave ALL toys at home.


Snow Policy for Day Care

Our closing policy is based on the following school districts: Shaler, North Hills, North Allegheny, and Hampton. If three (3) of the above school districts are closed, or move to remote learning, the Child Care will be closed. If school districts  have a two hour delay we will have a 1 hour delay. Closings will be posted on KDKA, WTAE, WPXI, and the church’s website at www.stpaulsumc.com. I will also send out an REMIND notice, PLEASE SIGN UP!  When in doubt, please call the Church Office at 412.486.7006 after 8:00 a.m. before coming.  Be extra careful in our parking lot during bad weather!


Child Care reserves the right to close at any time, so be sure to have an emergency backup.



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