Drop-In Child Care Important Forms

Important Forms

As with full-time schools, there are a number of forms necessary so that both you and your child are safe and sound here at St. Paul’s Drop-In Day Care.  Once your child is registered, please print and complete the Drop-In Child Care packet. It must be completed and returned by July 31, 2020.

Drop-In Child Care Packet for Registered Families


The following forms are for signing your child/children into the Child Care. The daily sign in sheet (3 sheets to a page) must be completed every day. One sheet per family. If your child is coming to Preschool first please give this sheet to the adult from preschool in the parking lot.

The Preschool Teachers form is to be used when your child is coming to Child Care AFTER Preschool. This form will go to the PRESCHOOL TEACHER.

Daily sign in sheets





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