Csusm Agreement

If you have any questions, contact csueu@csusm.edu In Solidarity, CSUEU Chapter 321 – San Marcos Executive Board Use the menu below to choose another unit and view your collective agreement and other documents. The Blue Heart Foundation and CSU San Marcos agreed that a supportive partnership and guaranteed accreditation would provide a valuable means for students from an exceptional program with a proven track record to join our campus community. With this agreement, we will demonstrate our commitment to academic excellence and student success, while creating a diverse educational community and learning environment. The CSUSM will provide an open and welcoming culture that will encourage and support the success of a university degree. LOYALTY GOES BOTH WAYS The slogan of our CSUEU T-shirts is “Loyalty Goes Both Ways”. This is true in our Union and in corporate governance. Respect for staff in this agreement should be reimbursed by the managers who negotiated it. CSUEU Chapter 321 thanks Mr. Neal Hoss, Vice-President, for his personal participation.

We met face-to-face and exchanged honest opinions on how campus working relationships worked and didn`t work. You`ll learn more about our recent agreement at the CSU EU`s annual summer dinner on Thursday 1 August. If you don`t have RSVP`d, please send your before July 29th. See the event brochures! You are cordially invited to participate in our CSUEU-E Board meetings on Tuesdays! Email us to csueu@csusm.edu for time and location information! This agreement represents an obligation for both parties to maintain a fair and healthy relationship. We will not always agree and not all solutions will be simple, but we know that communication is the key to respect. We were brought to a campus with our new partner CSU San Marcos. We also officially sign our Memorandum of Understanding, which allows us to generate a pipeline of our students to visit this Institute of future for advanced learning. When we visited the campus, many parents were very happy that we were chosen as preferred partners… A blue-hearted relative — Tammy Blevins said it was a wonderful opportunity for our young men.

CSUEU and CSU have signed a new agreement in which both parties confirm their intention to improve the working environment for campus employees. It contains these important provisions: CSUSM overtime rules This agreement will reset overtime expectations for both employees and executives. It is a clear statement that overtime is allowed and paid, not swept under the carpet. Managers cannot expect work outside of working time, and employees should not do so – including breaks, lunches and work from their assigned positions. The agreement brings total increases of 6 per cent for all faculty members. It is equally important that the agreement maintains our current benefits – including our health care, pensions and pensioner health care – without an increase in workers` contributions. In 1994, the United States, Mexico and Canada, with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), created the world`s largest free trade region, which generated economic growth and helped improve the living standards of the people of the three member countries.