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Working for Justice forms COVID-19 Response Team – Open to the Community

The COVID-19 Pandemic is causing disruption to the meeting of basic needs in our community and may do so in new ways in months to come. As Christians we long to be responsive to those needs. The Working for Justice Ministry has organized a standing COVID-19 Response Team, ready to generate innovative solutions to problems facing our community while this pandemic is active. Please join us for support of neighborhood organizations, planning of family and community victory gardens, and other efforts as needs come to our attention. Follow us on facebook to share ideas and resources with one another.

Victory Garden Survey

The St. Paul’s Working for Justice COVID-19 Response Team is launching continued support ideas of how the congregation – and even the greater Pittsburgh area – can mobilize to meet increased needs moving forward. One initiative is Victory Gardens. This survey is meant to reach out as broadly as possible to find people who are willing to start Victory Gardens, find people who are not able to grow gardens but are able to provide resources, and match potential resources with those who have the desire to provide land, labor, plants, expertise, etc. The intent of the gardens is to not only grow fresh produce for your families, but to also share with and support those in need. Please complete this 5-minute survey so that we can assist those needing support to grow gardens as well as find those willing to help. Thank you for your input!

Victory Garden Resources

With concerns over food supply chains, now is a perfect time to revive the great American tradition of Victory Gardening! We can prepare now to have fresh vegetables to feed our families and share with others this summer. We can literally plant seeds of hope! Plus, growing a victory garden – even one as simple as a few tomato plants in containers- is fun!

Here are some resources to help to get you started:
Starting tomato seeds
How to move the baby seedlings into bigger pots
Container gardening

Questions? St. Paul’s Garden Team is happy to answer your vegetable gardening questions and recommend additional resources.