Classified Agreement Pcc

Below are links to current contracts, conventions, and manuals for Portland Community College employees. For all employees, it is important to note that if you are absent for 10 or more business days, you must request a leave of absence. (1) A list by category of recyclable products, materials, goods and supplies, which have been offered for sale in the previous financial year by the public authorities under a national user contract, agreement or timetable. According to the PCC FCE website, full contract negotiations usually take place every four years and negotiations, which began in January 2019, are now ongoing. The draft summary of the 2019 agreement reports an increase in paid parental leave and classified early retirement scholarships – but the biggest achievement is PCC`s Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), which is now being recouped with Portland`s true cost of living. President Grider says in the Local Union newsletter that CCP employees should already see the impact of this agreement with continued additional payment in the coming months. While these changes are a long-awaited victory for all parties involved, Grider continues to focus on what will happen to the union, including the implementation of the new treaty. (i) `reportable purchase` means the purchase of goods or materials, with or without recycled content, which may be declared or classified in one of the product categories referred to in Section 12207. (g) `purchase` means any contractual agreement used by public authorities to procure goods or materials. If the pcC administration and the PCCFFAP do not reach an agreement within the first 150 days of direct negotiations, they will proceed to mediation. Oregon law requires mediation to continue for 15 days, after which both parties can continue the mediation or one of the parties can declare an impasse. As soon as an impasse is declared, both parties submit their final offers, followed by a “cooling-off period” of 30 days. We are pleased to inform you that we have found a solution that retroactively restores the rates of pay of the part-time faculty concerned to the 2019-20 level.

The College shall ensure the necessary authorisations and shall take steps to implement these amendments as soon as possible. Funds outside the negotiated agreement have been identified and are being used to adjust the wages of part-time workers who experienced a reduction in their hourly rate this fall as a result of the negotiated changes. The retroactive remuneration of this group for the autumn period should be paid by 5 March 2021 and the remuneration for future instalments should be included in the salary statement. According to the PCC FCE website, the association and the CCP administration work together to negotiate the wages, benefits and working conditions of PCC employees – a formal process known as collective bargaining. On behalf of the CCP administration, Cheryl Belt, a member of the joint bargaining team and director of personnel and labor relations in the CCP`s human resources department, said that agreeing on an economic package is still one of the most important but challenging tasks: “We strive to offer competitive salaries and services. At the same time, [many competing needs too] are essential to support equitable chances of student success, needs that PCC must fund with limited resources. Developing a common understanding of the available but limited resources and the multiple needs of the college is the key to an agreement. Last Friday, the Federation`s joint bargaining team, which includes representatives from full-time and part-time faculties, academics and ranked staff, presented the administration with a proposal that brought us within $6 million on a four-year contract. .