Cardholder Agreement Aeroplan Infinite

This Buddy Pass Bonus is only valid for cardholders. You are not eligible for the Buddy Pass Bonus if you have already opened a credit card of the same type of Aeroplan program, regardless of the credit card issuer and welcome bonus offer in the past 12 months. This offer can be changed, cancelled or extended at any time and cannot be combined with other offers. ยท Any other company selected with the agreement of the parties. A formal agreement between unrelated financial companies that would jointly market financial products or services to you. Loading the primary card account: you can add money called “loading” to your primary card by loading (i) Automated Clearing House (“ACH”) charges (z.B direct payment); (ii) loading cash through one of our recharging sites (a list is available at; (iii) Load cash through the financial institution from which you purchased the card. In the table below, you will find quantity and frequency limits for different charging methods. For each load, a fee can be levied, as specified in the long form. If you agree to have funds transferred directly by a third party to your main card via an ACH charge, you must register with the third party with the bank code and direct deposit account number that we make available to you. The only federal payments that can be loaded onto your primary card through ach credits are federal payments to the primary cardholder. If you have any questions about this request, please contact customer service.

We reject any charges that exceed the maximum balance allowed on your card. There are also maximum load limits that we can place on your primary card if they are aggregated with other cards you have. You agree to present your card and meet the identification requirements to complete loading operations, as may be required from time to time. Please note that money cannot be loaded directly onto secondary cards. Secondary cards are only used for access to funds in the primary card`s main account. Find all CIBC credit card agreements, performance details, modifications and insurance certificates here If the parties do not obtain a dispute settlement agreement within 30 days of the date of the dispute, the applicant may initiate an action or arbitration proceeding, subject to the terms of this compromise clause. To initiate arbitration proceedings, the complainant chooses the administrator and follows the administrator`s rules. If one party starts or threatens to take legal action, the other party can seek arbitration.

This request can be made in court documents. It can be done when a party initiates legal action on an individual basis and then attempts to pursue a group action. Once an arbitration application is filed, no appeal can be filed and any ongoing action must cease. Split Transactions: If you don`t have enough credits in your account, you may be able to order the merchant to debit part of the purchase on the card and pay the balance with another payment method. These transactions are called “splitting operations.” Some merchants do not allow cardholders to share transactions or allow you to make a split transaction only if you pay the balance in cash. . Per test charge. Percentage of the total amount of the cheque.

Fees deducted from the total cheque before you charge your card account. This is a tax for third parties and can be changed. This fee is not deducted from the card account and is not reflected in transaction history. Standard text messages or recordings may apply. Nevada residents: We provide this communication in accordance with Nevada law. . c. Access power: you cannot surrender or transfer your card or obligations under this Agreement. However, we may transfer or transfer our rights under this agreement, including all balances in your card account. When we resign ourselves to our rights, we will inform you