By Agreement Svenska

Together, we have reached a great agreement that I can recommend to you. The written agreement also includes the other essential conditions of the contract. With the agreement of the rapporteur, I would like to present it to you. The parties shall regulate by mutual agreement all other consequences of denunciation. Svenska Domains (“Swedish Domains”) owns and operates the domain search service For (the “Website”), Svenska Domainr receives from customers (“Users”) the request (“Order”) regarding the registration of domain names (the “Domain Name Service”). English domains also offer additional services such as email, web hosting, etc.m. (“Additional Services”), as set forth in the heading “Use of Additional Services” and the prices and other terms set from time to time on the Site. The Domain Name Service and the Additional Services are provided under the conditions indicated below and accepted by the user as part of the filing of the application for registration of domain names and/or order of the additional service. To cancel a subscription, this can be done in writing via the Svenska Domäner cancellation form (registered), by e-mail from the registered contact address or by an open support case in the customer center. The withdrawal form is available on You can also download the cancellation form directly here.

The right of withdrawal only applies to additional services and not to domains, see point 4.3. If the termination occurs after the expiry of the 30 days granted by the right of withdrawal and/or before the expiry of the subscription term, we will not refund the subscription fees already paid. After converting a domain to “Cheap Domain”, the change cannot be undone. I registreringsavgiften för «Billiga domäner» ingår grundläggande DNS hantering (ändring av namnservrar). Administrativa tjänster så som uppdatering av kontaktuppgifter (Whois) och överlåtelse till annan innehavare, ingår inte i registreringsavgiften för “Billiga domäner” och debiteras enligt på hemsidan aktuell prislista Agreements must be approved by all national parliaments before they can be ratified. We were therefore pleased to note during the conciliation procedure that most of Parliament`s amendments were agreed. You must have read the reports on the agreement between Russia and Germany, which surprised the world. The didactic nature of the communication would be reinforced by the political agreement enshrined in the Council resolution. The CBAA consists of a framework agreement and a number of annexes, as outlined above. I have the honour to confirm my Government`s agreement with the foregoing. On this last point, I see that we are in agreement. The user may at any time modify or delete our processing and storage of such personal data by revoking his consent in accordance with our privacy policy.

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