Kidz Korner Registration and Tuition


Registration for 2022-2023 Before and After School Programs is on a Waitlist.

Space is still available in our morning and afternoon Kindergarten Enrichment classes.  Please contact the Director, Jessica Freeman for more information.  She will contact you.


St. Paul’s Kidz Korner enrolls children on a yearly basis.  Registration for summer camp and for school year programs will open in the spring.  If you are interested in receiving information about registration to either our school year or summer programs, please contact the Director. 



Kidz Korner tuition is billed monthly.  Credit is not given for unused, sick or vacation days.

Electronic or hard copies of monthly invoices will be provided to families during the first week each month and payment is due by the 15th of each month.  Financial information is also able to be viewed on each family’s MyProcare account.


Sibling Discounts

A discount for families with two or more children is offered during the school year at 20%.

Tuition is discounted at a rate of 20% during the Summer Venture program for each subsequent child.


Registration FAQ

Q: Can I register my child for the Kindergarten Enrichment program before I receive my child’s kindergarten placement at the district? 

A: Yes.  There will be a space on registration materials to indicate whether you have made a request at the district or not.  We then use that information to determine whether you will likely be in our morning or afternoon enrichment class.  We also stop accepting new registrations on a certain date in order to prevent classes from becoming over-enrolled.

Q:  If my child is in Kindergarten at Peebles, Hosack or Wyland, do I have to register them for the Kindergarten Enrichment program at St. Paul’s?  Can I register them for only before and after school care?  

A: You do not have to use our Kindergarten Enrichment program, but that is the only program that is offered between the hours of 9:00 A.M and 3:15 P.M.  You can use before school care only (if your child is in morning kindergarten at your district) or after school care only (if your child is in afternoon kindergarten at your district).

Q: I am signing my child up for Kindergarten Enrichment, but we will also need to use before and after school care.  Do I need to complete a separate registration?  

A: No.  Since we include before and after school care into the cost of monthly tuition, those children are ‘counted’ in our enrollment numbers for the program closest to their enrichment program (i.e. morning enrichment children are counted in the before school enrollment numbers and afternoon enrichment children are counted in the after-school enrollment numbers).  There is space on the registration materials to indicate whether you intend to use before or after school care and on which days.

Q:  My child will attend Kindergarten Enrichment part time/3 days per week.  Can I use before school care every day?  

A: Yes!  You are not limited to only using before or after school care on the days your child attends for Kindergarten Enrichment if you will be part time.  You can attend part time Kindergarten Enrichment and full time before or after school care.

Q:  Do I have to fill out another registration packet if we will re-register for the program again next year?

A: Yes.  The state requires certain paperwork to be updated yearly and certain paperwork to be updated every 6 months.  To satisfy this state regulation we require parents/guardians to complete a new set of paperwork each year.

Q: My work schedule varies, so I won’t need the before and after school program on the same days each week.  Can I still enroll?  

A: This is a tricky one!  In the past we have been able to accommodate children in both our Kindergarten Enrichment program and our before/after program on a ‘varying’ basis.  With the growth of our program over the past few years we have reached capacity in some of our programs.  Therefore, this would be on a case-by-case basis depending on the numbers for each program.  It will depend on what the enrollment numbers are for each school year and/or the size of our waitlist.  Varying schedules will be charged the full-time rate if your days will vary Monday through Friday or the part time rate if your days will vary between three set days.

Q: We moved into the district mid-year; can we still register?  

A: As long as there is space in the program, absolutely!  Please contact the Director to discuss.

Q:  I am enrolling both of my children; do I need to fill out all of the materials for each child?  

A: Yes.  We are required to have complete enrollment packets for each child, per state regulations.

Q: What paperwork is needed for registration?  

A: All of the paperwork that is provided in the registration packet – Emergency Contact form, Tuition Agreement, Transportation Agreement, Permissions form, Behavior Guidelines, Schedule Notification Agreement, and Registration Form.  Additionally, we will need to have a Child Health Form with immunization records.  This form must be completed and signed by a physician and signed by the parent.  The health form only needs to be turned in with initial enrollment and does not need to be turned in again if enrolling in subsequent years.

Q:  My child attended during the school year, and I want him to go to Summer Camp – do I have to register again? 

A: Yes.  Families are required to complete the Kidz Venture Summer Camp registration online.  Once this information is received there will be a few additional forms that will need to be completed due to the different activities that are done during summer camp.

Q:  I don’t need before or after school care, but can I enroll my child for ‘drop-in’ care for school in-service days, closures, etc.?

A: No. Our program has grown so much over the past few years we can no longer enroll children on a ‘drop-in’ basis.  We provide additional care only to the children enrolled in our school year programs.

Q:  I need your program in the mornings and will be registering for before school care.  I am usually home to get my child off the bus in the afternoon, so I won’t need after school care on a regular basis.  What if I have a late meeting in the afternoon and won’t be able to get my child off the bus?  Do I have to enroll in and pay for after school care too?

A: No.  If you are enrolled in one of our programs (before, after, or kindergarten enrichment) and may occasionally need one of the other programs (ex. You use before school care but may need care for your child one day a month after school for a late meeting) you do not need to enroll in both programs.  Enrolled children are able to use one of the other programs from time to time for a daily rate, similar to a ‘drop-in’ program.  Please just check with the Director ahead of time to ensure there is space that day and so we can communicate with your child’s school.


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