Activestate Community Edition Software License Agreement

This license prohibits the commercial use (and generally retransmission) of the licensed software. ActivePython is a software consisting of the Python CPython implementation (programming language) and a series of extensions that facilitate installation. [15] Since 2006, it has worked on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and HP-UX platforms. [16] ActivePython for Windows contains PyWin32 extensions for programming with the Win32 API. [17] It also includes the IDLE integrated development environment, although this requires manual installation. [18] This license requires a copy of the license text and any copyright notices that must appear in the product documentation. IDG: Seems to be there in – better hidden than before. This license is based on another license, with some exceptions. For example, exceptions to GPL 2.0, for example.B. All sales are made within our terms and conditions and are subject to our return policies. Please contact us if you need a licensing option that is not mentioned, including volume license and earlier versions of the product. This license prohibits the use of the licensed software in medical facilities and/or life-conserving devices.

The license is granted per node instance (per language, per version, per server). Node instance: A single provision of ActiveState licensed software, which is installed on a physical or virtual computer or server. Each node inside a cluster must be licensed. This license prohibits the modification of the license applicable to the originally licensed software or to a derivative work thereof. An example is the OpenSSL license.