10-K Material Agreements

(iii) Describe, to characterize hydrogeology, the nature and quality of sampling methods used to collect data on surface and groundwater parameters; The nature and adequacy of laboratory techniques used to test groundwater flow parameters such as permeability, as well as discussions on quality control and quality assurance procedures; results of laboratory examinations and interpretation of the qualified person, including all essential assumptions that must include descriptions of permeable areas or aquifers, flows, in situ saturation rates, loading rates and water balance; and groundwater models used to characterize aquifers, including assumptions of materials used for modeling. Only a “new registrant” has yet to submit all material contracts concluded in the last two years. The SEC has defined a “new filer” as a company that is not subject to SEC reporting obligations, companies that have suspended reporting statements and have not submitted an annual report since the suspension, and certain Shell companies. (vi) provide the qualified person with the opinion on how mineral reserve estimates could be significantly influenced by risk factors related to one aspect of the change factors or in evolution. (iii) Include qualified person estimates of marginal grades on the basis of assumed costs for thought or commodity companies and commodity prices, which provide a reasonable basis for determining the economic exploitation prospects of mineral resources. The qualified person must disclose the price used for each product and explain, with a particular specificity, the reasons for the use of the chosen price, including the essential assumptions underlying the selection. This explanation should include the indication of the timing used to estimate the price of raw materials and the unit cost of estimating marginal notes, as well as the reasons for the selection of this period. The qualified person may use a contracted price, provided the price is reasonable, and the qualified person announces that he or she is using a contract price when using the price used; Issuers generally include referenced documents that they have previously submitted in the form of exposures to other SEC submissions.